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Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you learn more about our programme.

Should you, of course,  have anything further that you would like to know about, please email us:

Is it open to boys and girls?


Why goalkeeper coaching and why Sells Pro Training?

The art of goalkeeping needs to be presented properly, thoroughly and of course, enjoyed!

Sells Pro Training ensures all coaches maintain the highest standards, with the aim of your son or daughter improving their goalkeeping and having fun.

Our curriculum is written by former Premier League goalkeeper and now goalkeeper coach Dean Kiely, so you will get to see what they do at the very top level.

Does my son or daughter have to play in a team?

No. Some of our goalkeepers just enjoy the training and don’t play for a team.

Maybe you want to learn the art of goalkeeping first?

Then join a team when you feel more confident armed with a whole new range of techniques and know-how?

What ages do you coach?

We coach goalkeepers from the age of 6-18 years of age.

Goalkeeper coaching is different to outfield coaching in that you can coach a wide range of ages in the same group, with most of the drills and exercises involving working groups of two to four, with your child working with a group within the two-year age range.

Another advantage of having a wide range of ages is that if a goalkeeper excels, we can extend them further with older students to ensure they continue to progress.

The biggest difference between the training that the professional goalkeeper and our training is the pace of the service, which is adapted accordingly.

Is my child too young to start goalkeeper training?

If your child attends the two taster sessions and has a positive experience, then we are ready to put our efforts into developing them.

At Sells Pro Training young goalkeepers are given the time to develop and improve.

It is essential they enjoy the coaching and can make mistakes (which they learn from).

The earlier the goalkeeper learns the techniques, the easier it becomes.

Are all coaches qualified and DBS Checked?

Anyone working with Sells Pro Training must be licenced to coach children.

This means that they need to have an up to date DBS, Child Protection and First Aid certification.

We expect the highest standards from all our coaches.

What happens if the session clashes with my team training?

If you were at a professional football club, either in the first team or the academy, the majority of your training would be with other goalkeepers.

It is a specialist position and requires specialist coaching.

Training with both a specialised goalkeeper coach and the team is important, but we would recommend goalkeeper specific training first – just like the professionals.