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Handle it like Henderson



“To provide goalkeepers of all ages and levels, across the globe, the opportunity to train like a professional, in a safe fun environment created by coaches dedicated to the art of goalkeeping.”


“Train like a professional at one of our weekly sessions, holiday courses or residential camps.
“All training will be of an elite standard, as one would expect at a top professional club, with a clear emphasis on fun and in a relaxed environment conducive to learning.

“Sells Pro Training will provide a link between the professional and grassroots game, giving opportunities for students to meet and train with top professional keepers.

“We will be developing the goalkeepers of the future and pathways for other students into coaching, scholarships or a high a level of football.

“Via our close links to the professional game, our goalkeepers will be given a chance to be seen by top clubs during our residential camps and competitions.

“It is our aim that every student who attends the Sells Pro Training programme will combine both enjoyment with self-improvement on the way to realising their potential.”

Adam Sells
Sells Goalkeeper Products Managing Director & Founder

“I am thrilled to be able to set up this grass roots programme with the brand.

“As a brand, we are passionate about the art of goalkeeping and we want to be able for players of all ages, levels and abilities to feel like a professional.

“We hope to inspire young people who share our love of playing in this specialist position and provide them with the very best platform for doing so.

“With our network of goalkeepers and coaches we hope that everybody will be given the opportunity to enjoy the experience and wherever it may take them, look back with joy at their time spent with us in later years.”

Dean Henderson
Sells Goalkeeper Products Brand Ambassador

“The training is very similar to what we do before a big game, so it’s very beneficial for the keepers to get it in at such a young age.

“It’s crucial for young keepers to get their techniques from good goalkeeper coaches.

“I benefited from many good coaches and Tony (Tony Caig Sells Pro Training coach in Cumbria) was one of them,  having the techniques drilled into me from a young age was crucial to my development.

“Young goalkeepers should want to learn and do extra training sessions on top of what everyone else is doing as it will pay off in the future.

“You’ve got to keep that enthusiasm, keep wanting to learn and develop all the time and I’ll hopefully see you in the Premier League in the future.

“Train like me train like the pros at Sells Pro Training”